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Louis Murphy, A Candidate For The 99th

It is my objective to unite the people of our district and beyond by addressing their needs and not maintaining the status quo of personal and unrepresentative politics. I look forward to working with local community leaders and continuing to analyze and address the issues facing the 99th District while working towards possible solutions.​Click below to read more about the campaign, its goals, our vision, and myself. Let's make the 99th a better place for all, and ensure our voices are heard. 

The Issues

Louis Murphy aims to bring a voice to all of the people in Ohio's 99th District. The people of the 99th deserve a Representative who will act in the benefit of all, and Louis Murphy plans to do that by confronting the following issues, to name a few. 

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Adequate Funding for Public Education

Bar Chart

Economic and Social Development

Urban Traffic

Public Transportation

Government Building

Protecting Local Governments

Justitia Goddess

Civil Liberties for All

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