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What Drives the Campaign?

The decision to run for State Representative came to Louis Murphy after feeling the obligation to rapidly progress our region, and our state, forward in the fields of economics, academics, and social rights instead of allowing for the continuance of the status quo we’ve experienced over the previous four years. Murphy has lived in Ashtabula his entire life.


The son of a teacher, Louis Murphy's father served as a teacher at Jefferson for nearly 40 years. Louis Murphy himself attended Geneva Schools and currently follows in his father's footsteps by teaching at Lakeside and coaching at Edgewood. These experiences have given Louis direct experience with issues that the citizens of the 99th deal with.

"I am looking forward to putting my experience and background to work as a voice for the people. I am fortunate enough to have a team of dedicated people from various backgrounds and life experiences, which I believe will make this vision of a more represented district a reality. I aim to be a speaker for the people. Now is the time to Let Your Voice Be Heard." - Louis Murphy

It is Louis Murphy's goal to use both his professional and educational background to address the many issues facing the people of Ohio and the 99th District appropriately. The 99th needs a candidate to listen to the people of our district through active and consistent interactions, which Louis Murphy believes to be an essential factor in being a true representative for the people. With extensive experience in policy, planning, socio-economic development, and education to be exceptionally relevant to the State Representative position, Louis Murphy can act as the voice that the 99th has been lacking.

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Candidate Backstory

Louis Murphy, born and raised in Ashtabula, graduated from Geneva High School in 2016 where he performed in every band program offered, and played tennis under and alongside multiple tennis legends who are pillars in their communities. Murphy then went on to attend Edinboro University, where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies with minors in Geographic Information Systems, Geology, and Earth Science.  During his undergraduate career, Louis served in numerous student groups such as band and tennis, and was an active member of the Student Government Association, a member and Executive Board member of the national music fraternity Phi Mu Alpha, a Resident Assistant, member of the Geoscience Club, and served on many different committees.


In December of 2023, Louis Murphy graduated Lehigh University with a Masters in Environmental Policy and a concentration in Global Sustainable Development , along with a certificate in Sustainable Development. At Lehigh, Louis was a member of the Club Tennis Team, his academic department's representative in the Graduate Student Senate and Graduate Student Advisory Council, as well as the university’s interdisciplinary Research Assistant pertaining to environmental and inequities further exposed by the recent pandemic. During the Spring 2022 semester, Murphy served as Geneva on the Lake’s environmental policy analyst and utilized my skills in geographic information systems to help them apply for grants to combat our devastating shoreline erosion.

Louis Murphy now aims to utilize his academic and past experiences, to serve his community, the 99th District, and Ohio in the most effective and equitable way.

Our Mission

It is Louis Murphy's objective to unite the people of our district and beyond by addressing their needs and not maintaining the status quo of personal and unrepresentative politics. I look forward to working with local community leaders and continuing to analyze and address the issues facing the 99th District while working towards possible solutions. By fostering open community engagement and conversation, it can be ensured that the rights and needs of the entire 99th District are taken into account. 

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